Pragati Sharma Mohanty

Width: 22 Height: 30
This is an Original Acrylic painting on 300 GSM Watercolor Paper. It has layers and layers of detailing in my signature Maximalist-Miniaturist style. The story is that of Narsimha (The Lion God from Hindu Mythology) and he is shown in a meditative posture resting under an Oak tree. The text written around is in the ancient Sanskrit script (shlokas) illustrating the lessons of life from the Puranas (ancient texts) The painting can be picked up from my studio in Sunnyvale or may be shipped anywhere in the US for an additional shipping cost. This is a sampling of some of my representative works in different styles. Please visit my website or social media to see the full body of my works. (Pragati Sharma Artist - Facebook & Instagram)
Pickup location: Sunnyvale
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"The Lion Man - Narsimha" by Pragati Sharma Mohanty

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