Kathy Kleinsteiber

Width: 16 Height: 20
Acrylic on panel in wood frame. I love seeing the brown pelicans flying and diving along the coast. They are common in Santa Cruz and I have seen them occasionally in Alviso and even at a perc pond in south San Jose. Brown pelicans always remind me of the long- extinct pterodactyls from the dinosaur age. Brown pelicans nearly became extinct themselves from the effects of the pesticide DDT in the 1960s and 1970s. They owe their current abundance to the wisdom of pesticide regulations. I hope to promote environmental stewardship by donating a portion of all artwork sales to environmental organizations. 30% GOES TO SECOND HARVEST; 30% GOES TO SAN FRANCISCO BAY WILDLIFE SOCIETY, A NOT-FOR-PROFIT ORGANIZATION.
Pickup location: San Jose
Contact the artist: kkleinst@gmail.com

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"Pelican Portal - Brown Pelican" by Kathy Kleinsteiber

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