Linda Manes Goodwin

Width: 30 Height: 20
In this painting, using the interaction of the three figures in Tiepolo’s Paheton and Apollo as inspiration, I created my own modern version, simplifying, solidifying and adding greater contrast and light. Having drawn and painted the nude since studying at the Arts Students League in NYC during high school, I recently turned to the Italian masters for inspiration. In doing so I discovered the wonders of painting sky, clouds, foliage, fields and textiles. The figure now competes for attention with light, color and texture. Razor blades, clay tools, stamps, brushes and solvents are used to manipulate the oil pastels into a variety of surfaces.
Pickup location: Art Bias, 1700 Industrial Road, Redwood Ctiy
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"Homage A Tiepolo" by Linda Manes Goodwin

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